About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Hayley and if you happen to find yourself here, I hope to hear your story too.

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  • I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains with my partner, and with my cat – Huxley; he likes meow a lot and chase bugs
  • burritos are my favorite food, I can probably survive eating only these… or Thai food… with guava juice
  • I’m a down to earth and easy going person, a nomadic hippie at heart
  • I believe all people, plants, animals, societies, and cultures deserve respect
  • love nature, travel, yoga, dancing, art, and the night sky
  • farmer’s market frequenter and vegetarian eater
  • love adventuring to photograph free spirited couples in beautiful places – doing engagements, elopements, & intimate weddings worldwide – if we need to hike up a mountain before dawn, I’m totally down to do so


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Photo Related

As the daughter of a portrait photographer, I’ve been making photos my entire life and received my first camera at age 4. I’ve adored photography since then, and it’s been a committed pursuit for the past decade. Film was my original love, the Canon AE-1 my first SLR. There’s a certain magic in the chemistry of film, I strive to re-create that in my digital process.

I have backpacked and photographed in Morocco, Spain, France, Holland, Sweden, Latvia, Italy, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, and Germany. What’s next? Central/South America.

As a photographer I’m a professional observer. I love a good story. I adore working with good people, and photographing great love in epic locations. I’m fascinated with the reactions and interactions between people. These spontaneous points in time contribute largely to the overall vibe of the day, which is exactly what I’m aiming to capture. I let personality guide portraits and endlessly look for ways to create images that resonate with spirit, feeling, and intrinsic beauty. A believer in minimal posing and interference, I take a very hands-off approach but am ready to jump in with a calming assertive presence at any moment. I tie the people to the place by taking a step back and incorporating the natural surroundings; this is what makes my photos so effortless, natural, and real. This interconnectedness creates true narrative and art.

If you have read this far, then you should definitely email me 🙂




Huxley – the philosophical party cat

I think he stole his whiskers from a walrus…

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